Stagflation or recession?

We are entering the first stages of stagflation where we suffer from lower growth and higher inflation. Stagflation or recession Neither are  good for either your wealth or your health. We are currently seeing slowing growth and higher inflation, a bad combo if there ever was. The question that remains is whether we remain in … Read more

Recession rears it’s ugly head

The Fed’s reluctance to acknowledge the threat of inflation early enough has led them to ratchet up rates in an aggressive manner unseen for over thirty years. Their move to raise rates by 75 basis points has led many to question whether Powell will tip the US into recession this year rather than the oft … Read more

Is Ross Gerber recessionary proof?

 Ross Gerber seems to think that higher rates, higher inflation and higher pay will lead to higher growth for the US economy and for the country. Perhaps he’s been keeping company with Hunter Biden. Whatever he’s on, I’d like some of it.  A chorus of of banks are busily forecasting recession by next year … Read more

Is A Recession Inevitable In The Second Half Of 2022? Can Powell Tame Inflation And Avoid Recession

It’s the three Rs, silly! What are investors really worried about? Yes, it’s the three Rs, and that’s not reading, writing and arithmetic. It’s Russia, recession and rates. Following a recent plethora of semi apocalyptical warnings from the great and the good on Wall Street and also a warning from Elon Musk Tesla CEO that … Read more